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Explore the world with us. Turn your travel dreams into reality as you discover enchanting destinations across Europe, Italy, Vatican, Egypt, and beyond. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Holy Land, witness the Passion Play in Germany, and embrace the beauty of Rome, Mexico, Jordan, and Greece. Whether in a group or a personalized tour, we specialize in crafting seamless travel experiences for any group size. Your dream vacation awaits – make it a reality!

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Join others who want to visit the Holy Land and witness the miracle for yourself. Join a regular scheduled Holy Land Group Tour. Or You can have your own tour arranged. No matter the size of your group is, we can have it all arranged for you. You will live and breath the bible when traveling to the Holy Land, the land where it all began.

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Yearly, over 3 million pilgrims embark on their spiritual journey to the Holy Land without encountering any unpleasant incidents. We vigilantly implement every possible measure to guarantee the safety and security of our pilgrims, ensuring an unforgettable journey.

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Professional tour guides and skilled bus drivers lead our tours, with daily celebrations of Mass or services. Your package includes not only transportation and guided tours but also daily breakfast, dinner, accommodations, and airfare.

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Our pilgrimages offer an unforgettable experience that will resonate with you forever. Pilgrims have embarked on spiritual journeys since the earliest days of our faith, and our pilgrimages provide the opportunity to live and breathe that rich tradition.

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Enjoy, live and explore all the historical places where Jesus was born, lived, died and has risen almost the same as the time he lived there. Modern coaches, nice clean accommodations 4 and 5 Star Hotels, good food, different and unique nature, nice beaches, moderate nice weather and much more..

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Join us in an Unforgettable Journey

Our Tours & Pilgrimages

2025 Feb 10
Fr. Evan Bui Mexico City
Package Price: $2,995.00
Feb 10, 2025 - Feb 18, 2025
2025 Jun 10
Fr.Brent Kruger Greece and Turkey
Package Price: $4,495.00
Jun 10, 2025 - Jun 21, 2025
2024 Nov 11
Fr. Mario Valencia Mexico City and Peru
Package Price: $4,495.00
Nov 11, 2024 - Nov 22, 2024
2024 Dec 30
Fr Ismail Mora Rome and Portugal
Package Price: $5,395.00
Dec 30, 2024 - Jan 11, 2025
2024 Jul 07
Fr. Bernard Marian Shrines
Package Price: $4,595.00
Jul 07, 2024 - Jul 19, 2024
2024 Oct 07
Fr. David Rome and Northern Italy
Package Price: $4,695.00
Oct 07, 2024 - Oct 18, 2024
2024 Aug 07
Fr. Victor Marian Shrines

Registration Closed

Package Price: $4,895.00
Aug 07, 2024 - Aug 19, 2024
2024 Sep 19
Fr. Mario Valencia Rome and Poland
Package Price: $4,495.00
Sep 19, 2024 - Oct 01, 2024
2025 Mar 11
Fr. Michael Raj Holy Land
Package Price: $3,895.00
Mar 11, 2025 - Mar 22, 2025

Pilgrims Testimonials

Debbie Lopez

I recently returned from a trip to Israel to visit the Holy Land with the Holy Land Tours and Travel. This opportunity is something I have wanted to do in a long time. I was blessed to be able to go with Pastor Symons and a wonderful group of Christians t......

Tucky Rodrigue

What made this trip unique from all others was - spirit! There was a friendly, caring, Christian spirit in the group that made this trip a standout. This attitude, I believe, was passed down from the organizers. They did everything to make us feel special......

Randy and Kaye Dorn

It was unbelievable to walk where Jesus walked, see places he preached, prayed, and suffered. We now are able to make connections with people, places, and miracles we hear about in the Bible. The pilgrimage was full of spirituality. It was special to tour......

Cathleen Howell

Absolutely wonderful!! Everything from the first contact information to, sadly, saying goodbye was well thought out and planned. Would highly recommend Holy Land Tours and look forward to the possibilities of taking the trip again in the future....

Peggy (Margaret) Hager

Holy land tours made our journey so complete. Not only did I see what Jesus saw, I walked the same paths that he did. Along with our journey, our tour guide, Rami, was amazing, his explanations brought the Bible to life in my heart. When I hear the Bible......

Margaret Webster

Your tour company exceeded all my expectations. Besides the well thought out itinerary I especially appreciated the feeling of safety, knowing you were with us to help us in any way. That meant a lot. I required additional arrangements and you planned the......

Norma Martinez-Melo

Travel to the Holy Land has been number 1 on my bucket list since the early 80's. I have studied, researched and prepared myself for more than twenty years. And as a Theology major I thought I had a working knowledge of what I was going to encounter - but......

J. G.

The entire trip was fantastic – accommodations, food, attractions, guides, driver, and especially the gracious hospitality the team provided us in inviting us into there homes and meeting their families....

V. F.

The tour itinerary was very fulfilling/satisfying. The only recommendation regarding the itinerary would be to add another Jordan location (maybe Wadi Rum) and make it a three day part of the trip. The guides and drivers were knowledgeable, friendly, help......

Ellen S.

I have traveled to the Holy Land three times. HLT surpasses any group, any travel experience that I have ever known. Your selflessness and generosity can only come from a deep spiritual conviction, and Holy Land Christians are blessed through your efforts......

Victoria Waufle

What an incredible trip this was for our group of 16! Being a full time church worker the Holy Land has been on my bucket list for years. Holy Land tours obtained the perfect Christian guide for us one who was knowledgeable beyond the norm...born, raised......

Rev. Frank Daveed

I went to the Holy Land with 42 people from my parish last October, was very surprised at how well Holy Land Tours organized and planned the pilgrimage! They were able to answer all the questions my people had asked and give us a well developed answer. Th......

Ana Fernandez

Everything was amazing especially meeting Tierra Santa, one life time experience. Ramzi was amazing knowledgeable y our driver Jorge, was an amazing driver. Both of them were courtesy towards all of us and they did a great job._x000D_ Hotel and food were......

Rev. Timothy Gerdes

We had a group of 18 go. For many this trip was on their wish list. This was my first time leading a tour of any kind and Holy Land Tours always communicated well when we prepared for the trip and the owner or staff person was always available when we wer......

Eulalie Paola

The trip was superb! -- I went to the Holy Land with my church for a pilgrimage and walked the footsteps of Jesus. We visited a lot of places and the tour guide was informed and knew a lot about the Holy Land history. We learned a lot from him. The driver......

Pastor Ken Hudson

Just returned from a great trip to the Holy Land. It was non-stop action full of sights and information._x000D_ _x000D_ Highly Recommended!...

Ruby C.

I cannot thank God enough for giving me and my husband the opportunity to join the pilgrimage to Holy Land through Holy Land Tours and Travel, LLC last Oct 15, 2022 with Pastor Symons of Incarnation Lutheran Church. Having walked the footsteps of Jesus wa......

Nancy Taylor

I'll always be grateful for the opportunity to "walk where Jesus walked" in the care of Holy Land Tours in Pastor Luther Symons' group. In addition to giving thorough pre-trip preparation strategies, they were also readily available during our visit there......

Sara Jane

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the trip to the holy land. the experience was amazing and it could not of been better. I really liked the tour guide Abraham he was really nice and knew a lot about the history of the holy land. he also helped ev......

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