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Tour Africa

Tour Africa 

Discover the Spiritual and Cultural Tapestry of Africa, Commence your expedition in the vibrant heart of Africa, where ancient traditions and diverse cultures intertwine. Embark on an exploration of historical cities that resonate with tales of resilience and heritage, showcasing a blend of ancient and modern influences. Delve into the mysteries of Ethiopia's historical treasures, where ancient churches and rock-hewn wonders narrate stories of faith and architectural brilliance. Encounter the majestic landscapes of South Africa, from the diverse wildlife of national parks to the rich cultural heritage of its cities and townships. 

Depart the US, Canada or other parts of the world on an overnight flight to Africa. 

Welcome to Africa, a captivating continent steeped in a tapestry of vibrant history and diverse cultural riches!

What does the pilgrimage and includes:

Tour the Holy Land and Tour Africa together on the same pilgrimage

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