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Tour Mexico

Tour Mexico

Explore the spiritual hearts of Mexico. Begin your trip in Mexico City, a vibrant metropolis bursting with history and cultural wealth. Walk the streets that reflect centuries of tradition and heritage. Witness the enigmatic ruins of Teotihuacán, where towering pyramids stand as testimony to the brilliance of ancient civilizations.
Reflect and recharge in serene places, which offer a peaceful retreat amidst Mexico's stunning natural landscapes. As our exploration of Mexico's spiritual and cultural treasures comes to a close, come away enriched with a deeper understanding of its profound heritage and a treasure of unforgettable moments. You will immerse yourself in the tranquility of the mystical cenotes, natural cenotes revered by the Mayans as sacred pools of spiritual importance.

Depart the US, Canada or other parts of the world on an overnight flight to Mexico.

Welcome to Mexico, a captivating land full of vibrant history and diverse cultural treasures!

What does the pilgrimage and includes:

Tour the Holy Land and Tour Mexico together on the same pilgrimage

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