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Health Concerns

Every effort will be made to accommodate the health needs of each participant. Please be advised that most foreign countries do not conform to the same standards as found in the USA Disabilities Act. Holy Land Tours and Travels, LLC cannot provide individual assistance to pilgrims for walking, eating, or getting on and off modes of transportation. Participants who need this type of assistance are welcome to provide their own travel companion at their own expense. Or you can contact us for these arrangements if available.  Please be advised that Holy Land Tours and Travels, LLC cannot guarantee access to all pilgrimage activities, tours, or sites, especially if a participant’s mobility is severely restricted. Holy Land Tours and Travels, LLC accepts no responsibility for a participant’s inability to fully participate in any or all portions of the neither pilgrimage, nor can Holy Land Tours and Travels, LLC provide any refund for non-participation in any part of the pilgrimage.

If you would like to read more on how to stay safe and healthy while traveling we recommend that you visit this website below. You can read about how to prepare for your trip and make sure you are healthy and able to travel throughout it all.