__ Credit Card(s) – Advise creditor of international travel dates & locations

__ Credit Card(s) – Check on International Transaction Fee(s) with the bank

__Bank Cash Card – Advise bank of international travel dates and locations you can withdraw there up to $300 a day with $5 fees

__Cell Phone – Check with carrier for international call/data plan if you want but there is WiFi everywhere almost even in the bus and it is Free

__Photocopy Credit Cards, Bank Card, & Passport – It is better just in case

__Leave Travel Details with Local Contact – Give them the Itinerary or at least our contact.

__Cash for Arrival, couple 100s is enough – The tour guide will help you to exchange. The rate is all the same except at the banks and the hotels. So let the tour guide help you. You may need some Shekels for lunches.

__Adapters for European Outlets – We will have adapters and you can ask if you would like one for free and bring it back to use after you’ve finished. Do not worry if you lose them but it would be greatly appreciated if you took care of them.

__Transformer for 110v/220v – if you need you can ask the tour guide. 

__Prescriptions – up to date and sufficient supply for travel dates — bring it with you just in case you want to get more.

__Shoes for travel and walking – to stay comfortable throughout the pilgrimage

__Extra room in suitcase for purchases from the Holy Land to take back home

__Proper clothing for weather conditions